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With the inspiring lectures, practical workshops and the great sound meditations, which you
will find here, you can enjoy the sounds of singing bowls while learning new things.

The various packages and individual videos illustrate how diversely singing bowls, sound massage and sound methods can be used. You will experience and learn how the sounds can help you shape a healthy, happy and self-determined life. Of course, you will also get numerous recommendations for your own sound work and/or your field of expertise. 



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Emily Hess

Graduate yoga teacher (Ayur® Yoga), graduate in integral corporate management. Together with Peter Hess, in 2001 she developed “Peter Hess® Sound Education”, the further training

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Jana Hess

is a graduate designer and has been in charge of sales at “Hess Klangkonzepte” (“Hess Sound Concepts”) for singing bowls, sound material and accessories for

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Oliver Hess

is the founder of the corresponding ollihess brand and has a passion for various types of sound instruments. After his vocational training as a craftsman

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Peter Hess

Peter Hess worked as an educator and as a graduate engineer (FH) for Physical Technology. After years of research and practice, he developed the Peter

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Note about usage rights

The copyright of the videos / podcasts or mp3 files is the European Association of Sound Massage Therapy e.V. or in the case of sound yoga classes Emily Hess. The videos and podcasts are exclusively for private use, disclosure to third parties is not permitted.

An exception is the podcast “Heart Meditation by Emily Hess”, which is freely available to you under naming the author Emily Hess. I.e. you can use it also in the context of own (online) sound lessons and sound offers. – As said, please always refer to Emily Hess, who has played and recorded this sound meditation.