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Sound Congress

Boosting health ∙ Encouraging recovery ∙ Supporting therapy

The sounds of singing bowls and the Sound Massage quickly lead to comforting relaxation, during which body, mind and soul can regenerate. This has a positive effect on stress, anxiety and pain, making sound treatments a perfect, complementary treatment in health care and in a therapeutic/medical context.

At the Sound Congress 2022 you will experience exciting lectures and inspiring practical forums on how to apply and effectively integrate singing bowls for yourself, your relatives, or in your professional work in a clinic or practice. The atmospheric sound modules and sound concerts throughout the congress promise pure sound enjoyment!

The recording of the exciting lecture by Prof. Dr. Thilo Hinterberger offers well-founded insights into the background and effects of singing bowls and sound offers. This makes it clear how useful it is to use sounds for oneself, but also in the professional work in the clinic and practice everyday life.

BONUS: A wonderfully musical-meditative sound journey by Peter Gabis as well as the recording as audio/mp3 for on the go.



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Rosemarie Bleil

Rosemarie Bleil is a qualified geriatric nurse, social management gerontologist, Peter Hess® Sound Educator in nursing care, dementia, and palliative care. She is an authorised instructor

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Emily Hess

Graduate yoga teacher (Ayur® Yoga), graduate in integral corporate management. Together with Peter Hess, in 2001 she developed “Peter Hess® Sound Education”, the further training

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Peter Hess

Peter Hess

Peter Hess worked as an educator and as a graduate engineer (FH) for Physical Technology. After years of research and practice, he developed the Peter

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Angelika Rieckmann

Angelika Rieckmann is an occupational therapist since 1988, with professional experience in the fields of neurology, orthopaedics, rheumatology in rehabilitation centres in Switzerland and Germany, paediatrics

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Simone Westholt-Smith

Simone Westholt-Smith is an alternative practitioner of psychotherapy, supervisor and coach (ISC). She owns a practice in Frankfurt/Main: Peter Hess® Sound Massage, Sound Therapy, hypnosis,

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Juno Sommer

Juno Sommer is a registered nurse and nursing home director. She studied nursing care management. Extensive professional experience in care and nursing of the elderly and

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Cordula Tolkmitt

Cordula Tolkmitt is an occupational therapist and has been working in her own occupational therapy practice since 1999, focusing on psychological-functional treatment. Specialised therapist for psychiatry

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Note about usage rights

The copyright of the videos / podcasts or mp3 files is the European Association of Sound Massage Therapy e.V. or in the case of sound yoga classes Emily Hess. The videos and podcasts are exclusively for private use, disclosure to third parties is not permitted.

An exception is the podcast “Heart Meditation by Emily Hess”, which is freely available to you under naming the author Emily Hess. I.e. you can use it also in the context of own (online) sound lessons and sound offers. – As said, please always refer to Emily Hess, who has played and recorded this sound meditation.