Sound offerings in Wellness & Spa

Workshop as single video • 60 min
+ bonus material (subsequent discussion – 1 mindfulness exercise with sound)
+ Bonus: all videos as podcast/mp3 for when you’re on the go!


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About this workshop

“That was like wellness for the soul!”

The wonderful sounds of the singing bowls enable a “beauty that comes from within”. The holistic relaxation method of Sound Massage developed by Peter Hess has been established in many beauty and spa facilities for decades. There are good reasons for this: the treatments become much more harmonious, calmer and more effective, desired effects can be intensified, and the additional deep relaxation makes every treatment a “time-out for the soul”.

In this workshop you will obtain practical insights into sound offerings in Wellness & Spa, which you can immediately implement yourself!

3 reasons to get this package

  1. You will get concrete suggestions on how to create your own personal beauty rituals with singing bowls.
  2. You will learn about special sound offers for wellness and spa, which you can integrate directly into your offer.
  3. You benefit from the compactly conveyed knowledge of the two experienced instructors

About the speaker

Claudia Keskinen

is a certified masseuse and certified beautician. She worked in her own practice for many years. She heads the Peter Hess® Centre in Schweringen and has been an authorized instructor in the Peter Hess® Sound Methods since 2018. She also offers the “Cosmetics & Sound” workshop.

Jana Hess

Jana Hess

is a graduate designer and has been in charge of sales at “Hess Klangkonzepte” (“Hess Sound Concepts”) for singing bowls, sound material and accessories for over 10 years. Authorized instructor for Peter Hess® sound massage since 2012.

Jana Hess:

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"An abundance of possibilities, unlimited, how great!"


Umsatzsteuerbefreit gemäß UStG §19
Discount code for members of the professional association