Education package

Sound Congress 2021

3:15 hrs videos

1 lecture, 2 workshops, 2 sound meditations (Welcoming Sounds)
+ Bonus: all videos as podcast/mp3 for when you’re on the go!


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About the education package

This package will provide educators as well as parents with a plethora of practical tips and background information on how and why targeted sound exercises can enrich life and work with children. Experiencing with all the senses and experiencing one’s own self-efficacy strengthens the child’s personality and at the same time promotes relaxation, concentration, perseverance, motivation and creativity. And the best of all: you as the practitioner will also benefit from every sound exercise.

KliK lets children’s souls grow!

Based on the lecture of the former headmaster Ulrich Krause, you will gain insights into the educational approach of the advanced training system “KliK – Sounding Communication with children”, which has proven itself in practice for more than 20 years. The focus of the lecture is on the key social and emotional competencies, which are an important basis for the development of children on their way to a happy and satisfied life. It demonstrates how sounds can strengthen and support our children, as well as ourselves as educators or parents.
This approach is deepened with two workshops by the experienced teacher and sound educator Beate van Dülmen. In her unique lively and empathetic way, she demonstrates how we can enrich everyday life with children – at home, in day-care or at school – through sound games, sound settings and sounding imaginary journeys. These aim at relaxation, sensory and body awareness, attention and concentration, self-confidence, liveliness and creativity.
This educational package promises a wealth of knowledge and concrete practical tips with which you can get started right away.

In addition, you will receive all the talks that followed the lecture and workshops as well as numerous sound units as bonus material.
And so that you can listen to the content also when you’re on the go, we offer you all the items as podcast/mp3!

Further Information

3 reasons to get this package

  1. With the numerous sound exercises, sound journeys and practical tips you can instantly start integrating the singing bowls into your work and everyday life in the family, in day-care or at school.
  2. The theoretical models give valuable impulses on how you can shape your professional and/or everyday life with children with joy, serenity and creativity.
  3. The models show: It’s not only the children who benefit from the sounds, but also you as a coach! – This creates a brilliant win-win situation for everyone, including the instructors.

Information about the speakers

Beate van Dülmen

is an educator with more than 25 years of professional experience (focal point: integrative work with children) and a freelancer in the fields of learning/life

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Ulrich Krause

Ulrich Krause is a senior lecturer in German Studies and Philosophy. For many years he worked as a high school teacher and in the publishing

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Participants' voices


“As a mom and as a psychologist, thank you for this informative lecture!”


"I realized once again how important the sounds are in my job at the day-care centre and how I can carry on with the staff and children."


“Thank you for this great lecture. My class loves the singing bowls. It's lovely to work with them. "


“I became aware of so much again, and how I can support the grandchildren with their homework. Thank you very much."


“You offered us all such a beautiful, harmonious setting, lots of inspiration, helpful hints and amazing tips. If that’s not motivating... Just the right thing during these times! Thank you so much, dear Beate! "


Umsatzsteuerbefreit gemäß UStG §19
Discount code for members of the professional association