Conveying basic and key competencies in day-care and primary school (workshop)

Picking up the children where they are in their personal development, in their experience of competence. Children should be prepared for life as comprehensively as possible and should learn to cope in all life situations.

In this context, the pedagogical professionals see themselves as companions and supporters in certainly one of the most important phases of development. To supplement and extend foundations created together with parents. For example, self-awareness and motivational competence, physical and social competence, development of values and orientation competence, ability and willingness to take responsibility, imagination and creativity are taught.

Promotional games with singing bowls can be particularly effective with children in this context.

About the speaker

Beate van Dülmen

is an educator with more than 25 years of professional experience (focal point: integrative work with children) and a freelancer in the fields of learning/life counselling, sound work, as well as an author. She is a Peter Hess® Sound Educator, and since 2012 an authorized instructor of the Peter Hess® Sound Massage and the Peter Hess® Sound Methods.