Potentials of the complementary methods

Lecture as single video, 45 min
+ bonus material (subsequent conversation – 1 mindfulness exercise with sound)
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About this lecture

Health is a gift. Health cannot be taken for granted.

We can all be self-effective in order to protect our health.

The pandemic gets to the heart of the issue. Health is fragile and balances between risk factors and resources.

Instead of being passively dependent only on medication and vaccines, we can all actively strengthen our immune system.

We can become self-effective, with mindfulness, meditation, sound, and relaxation.

Thereby we snap out of passivity, the victim role, and become creators of our life and our health again.

In a memorable and “interactive” way, this lecture demonstrates the potential of complementary methods and of each individual.

3 reasons to buy this lecture

  1. This lively lecture not only shows how valuable complementary methods can be in prevention and treatment, but also illustrates how much each individual can do for their own health.
  2. Through the interactive mediation you will get concrete impulses on how you too can actively and healthily shape your life.
  3. For those who work with complementary methods, a real inspiration and a treasure trove of information with which to back up the presentation of one’s work.

About the speaker

Dorothée Remmler-Bellen

After studying mathematics, computer science and business administration, she worked as a teacher and headmaster. She has been offering seminars and workshops in the psychosocial field across Germany since 2010 at her “Zentrum für Prävention und Psychosoziale Weiterbildung” (“Centre for Prevention and Psychosocial Further Education”).

The focus is on further training to strengthen health and life skills based on salutogenesis.

She has been a board member of the “Berufsverband der Präventologen e.V.” (“Professional Association of Preventologists”) since 2012, and a board member of the “Dachverband Freie Gesundheitsberufe FG“ (“Umbrella Association of Independent Health Professions”) since 2013.

She is a lecturer at several state-recognized universities, where she teaches Salutogenesis, health literacy, health promotion and prevention.

In addition, she advises day-care centres and schools on various aspects of health.

Under the title: “SoS-Schule ohne Stress®” (“SoS School without Stress”) she has published a parenting guidebook.

In her private life, she volunteers as an emergency pastoress.


Dorothee Remmler-Bellen:

Participants' voices


“Getting so many new impulses - wonderful! A very informative and great lecture. Thank you very much!!! "


Umsatzsteuerbefreit gemäß UStG §19
Discount code for members of the professional association