Conveying basic and key competencies in day-care and primary school with elements of sound education (lecture)

Lecture as single video, 45 min
+ bonus material (subsequent discussion – 1 mindfulness exercise with sound)
+ Bonus: all videos as podcast/mp3 for when you’re on the go!


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About this lecture

Our society is primarily oriented towards cognitive learning goals, which relate to knowledge and intellectual skills. But affective learning goals, which relate to changes in interests, attitudes and values, are also of great importance for the development of children. These are reflected in the basic and key competencies, which are also anchored in the curricula.

In the lecture, these are particularly emphasized as basic skills and personality characteristics, which enable the child to interact with other children and adults, and to deal with the circumstances in their environment. Sound can wonderfully support this through targeted settings.

Reasons to buy this lecture

  1. A comprehensive lecture that gives valuable impulses for living and working with children that go far beyond sound pedagogy.
  2. You will learn how and why specific sound games, sound exercises and sound settings can support children in their personality development or learning and thus contribute to more serenity, creativity and joy of life.
  3. You will gain insights that not only the children benefit from the sounds, but also you as a user! – This creates a brilliant win-win situation for everyone, including the instructors.

Info zu dem Referenten

Ulrich Krause

Ulrich Krause is a senior lecturer in German Studies and Philosophy. For many years he worked as a high school teacher and in the publishing industry. He is an authorized instructor of Peter Hess® Sound Massage and Sound Methods as well as a member of the scientific board at the Peter Hess® Institute.

At the Peter Hess Institute, he has been involved for many years in press and public relations, research and in the development for the certification program in collaboration with the Health Campus of the University of St. Elisabeth. Ulrich Krause is a board member of the International Association for Sound Massage Therapy.

Ulrich Krause:

Participants' voices


“As a mom and as a psychologist, thank you for this informative lecture!”


Umsatzsteuerbefreit gemäß UStG §19
Discount code for members of the professional association