Straightening up during yoga class (or yoga practice) accompanied by a singing bowl and mantras

The physical straightening in yoga class leads to an emotionally perceived straightening.

The conscious and whole-hearted decision to straighten up your body already implies a straightening of your soul. This makes you perceive the actual physical straightening even more intensely. An experience that is then also deepened with the sound of the heart singing bowl (alternatively also universal bowl possible) and a mantra vibrating in the body.

Look forward to a sound yoga class for your outer and inner upliftment.

Ideally, you should have a heart bowl available for this, but alternatively you can use a universal bowl, such as the one that can be borrowed as part of the online sound congress.

Here you can find a little introduction to the workshop.

The films were provided by Emily Hess for our online sound congress. It is parts from the online workshop of the same name Emily Hess®-Klangyoga.

The congress package includes a license to download the film for personal use.

About the speaker

Kim Kassandra Schmid

Kim Kassandra Schmid has been teaching Pilates and group fitness classes for over 17 years. She is a passionate yoga teacher and sees herself as a lifelong student. She is a certified Pilates coach, nutritionist, experienced yoga teacher and seminar leader for Emily Hess® Sound Yoga. She works as a personal trainer, is a mentor and leads yoga seminars, yoga classes and workshops. Kim studied history and art history. Besides being a self-employed yoga teacher, she works as a lecturer and project coordinator in adult education. In her yoga classes, Kim combines well-founded historical and spiritual knowledge. Joy is always at the centre of her work. With the Yogimobil® Teacher Training, she also offers a Yoga Alliance-certified yoga teacher training based on her own concept in the seminar house of the Peter Hess® Institute in Schweringen.

Kim Kassandra Schmid: