Sounds of the Ocean – Amazing Grace

About the speaker

Christine Heckel

Christine Heckel is an experienced, multilingual coach for stress prevention and stress management. She heads the Peter Hess® Academy in Spain since 2013 and is an authorized instructor of Peter Hess® Sound Methods. In 2020 she completed the certification as a coach for sound relaxation at the Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB).

In her work as a coach, she integrates singing bowls, her many years of experience in personnel management, as well as her acquired knowledge of the debilitating effects of stress and illness.

Her courses, workshops, retreats, and online activities are offered in Spanish, English, and German.

She serves clients one-on-one as well as in groups and supplements your sound relaxation work as needed as an Energy Diagnostic & Treatment Methods (EDxTM) Certified Practitioner according to Dr. Fred Gallo or MOA Okada Purifying Therapist.

She is the editor of various meditation CDs, e.g. Relaxed Mind by Christine Heckel and Wolfgang von Boyen, Living Gratitude – Gratitude is deep in the heartor Shinbumei True Civilization