Enrich your yoga class with the different sound styles of a singing bowl

In your own energy, experience a time just for yourself and gain new knowledge that you can use for yourself or even in your yoga classes.

Our own primordial sound in all of our tissues, muscles, bones, organs, lymph nodes and nerves is awakened anew by the sound of a singing bowl. For implementation at home or in yoga classes, I recommend a Peter Hess Therapy Heart Singing Bowl.

The life energy inherent in every cell comes to vibrate in such a way that it’s experienced as powerful and healthy. The deep calm that a singing bowl can create deepens the effect of the yogic asana. The practice of yoga is healing and peaceful. The combination of yoga and sound has a wonderful detoxing effect.

This inspiring sound yoga class can be done especially well together with a partner. It is ideal to have a heart bowl available for this, alternatively you can use a universal bowl like the ones that can be borrowed from the online sound congress.

Here you can find an introduction to the workshop.

The films were provided by Emily Hess for our online sound congress. It is parts from the online workshop of the same name. Emily Hess®-Klangyoga.

The congress package includes a license to download the film for personal use.

About the speaker

Janine Gabelmann

Janine Gabelmann is an authorized Emily Hess® Sound Yoga teacher and seminar instructor (worldwide), Kundalini yoga teacher according to Yogi Bhajan (3HO / KRI), Ayurveda cosmetics and wellness therapist, trained in Peter Hess® Sound Massage, and a freelance hair & make-up artist. She says:

“My mission is to perceive, to respect and to promote the uniqueness and the potential of every person.”

Janine Gabelmann: https://www.surrounded-by-bliss.com/