Zeljko Vlahovic

Zeljko Vlahovic is an occupational therapist and a Peter Hess® Sound Educator. Since 2004 he is an authorized instructor in Peter Hess® Sound Massage and a lecturer for Sound Massage at various therapy-related further training institutes in Germany and abroad. He maintains his own practice in Goslar and is the contact person for the region East Lower Saxony / Harz / Kassel.

Kim Kassandra Schmid

Kim Kassandra Schmid has been teaching Pilates and group fitness classes for over 17 years. She is a passionate yoga teacher and sees herself as a lifelong student. She is a certified Pilates coach, nutritionist, experienced yoga teacher and seminar leader for Emily Hess® Sound Yoga. She works as a personal trainer, is a mentor and leads yoga seminars, yoga classes and workshops. Kim studied history and art history. Besides being a self-employed yoga teacher, she works as a lecturer and project coordinator in adult education. In her yoga classes, Kim combines well-founded historical and spiritual knowledge. Joy is always at the centre of her work. With the Yogimobil® Teacher Training, she also offers a Yoga Alliance-certified yoga teacher training based on her own concept in the seminar house of the Peter Hess® Institute in Schweringen.

Kim Kassandra Schmid: https://www.yogimobil.de/

Dr. phil. Christina Koller

Dr. phil. iDr. phil. Christina Koller is a qualified social worker and did her doctorate from 2000-2007 on the curriculum development of Peter Hess® Sound Education and its practice. For more than 20 years she has worked closely with Peter Hess, and at the PHI in the departments of press and public relations, as well as research and development. In addition she is a board member of the European Association for Sound Massage Therapy.

Claudia Keskinen

is a certified masseuse and certified beautician. She worked in her own practice for many years. She heads the Peter Hess® Centre in Schweringen and has been an authorized instructor in the Peter Hess® Sound Methods since 2018. She also offers the “Cosmetics & Sound” workshop.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thilo Hinterberger

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thilo Hinterberger is a physicist, neuroscientist and conscientiology scientist. He heads the research area Applied Conscientiology Sciences in Psychosomatic Medicine at the University Hospital Regensburg, which deals with issues of consciousness in an interdisciplinary manner. His research ranges from the development of brain-computer interfaces and the analysis of altered states of consciousness, to issues relating to therapy, spirituality, philosophy and psychosomatic medicine.
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thilo Hinterberger:


Oliver Hess

is the founder of the corresponding ollihess brand and has a passion for various types of sound instruments.

After his vocational training as a craftsman and many years of professional experience, Olli Hess completed his training in Peter Hess Sound Massage in 2002. Between 2004 and 2008 he passed this knowledge on as a trainer for Peter Hess Sound Massage.

In 2008 Olli Hess started developing the first gongs of his own brand, and gradually an ever-increasing range of different gong mallets, the various applications and colours of which are attracting fans worldwide!

High quality is very important to him for all ollihess products. They are 100% produced in Germany under fair conditions and under the strictest quality requirements. All gongs are handcrafted by the gong manufacturer Broder Oetken in close cooperation with Olli Hess.

Apart from quality assurance, the brand founder also constantly pursues the further development of his products. New products from the creative mind of Olli Hess are consistently turned into reality. In addition, he offers individual training, workshops and sound evenings in his sound space in Uenzen. He maintains his creative balance with his second hobby, photography.

Jana Hess

is a graduate designer and has been in charge of sales at “Hess Klangkonzepte” (“Hess Sound Concepts”) for singing bowls, sound material and accessories for over 10 years. Authorized instructor for Peter Hess® sound massage since 2012.

Jana Hess: https://www.hess-klangkonzepte.de/

Emily Hess

Graduate yoga teacher (Ayur® Yoga), graduate in integral corporate management. Together with Peter Hess, in 2001 she developed “Peter Hess® Sound Education”, the further training system “KliK® – Sounding Communication” and “Emily Hess® Sound Yoga”. She offers seminars in Germany and abroad, and has contributed as an author to various books and CDs.
Emily Hess: https://www.emilyhess.eu/

Christine Heckel

Christine Heckel is an experienced, multilingual coach for stress prevention and stress management. She heads the Peter Hess® Academy in Spain since 2013 and is an authorized instructor of Peter Hess® Sound Methods. In 2020 she completed the certification as a coach for sound relaxation at the Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB).

In her work as a coach, she integrates singing bowls, her many years of experience in personnel management, as well as her acquired knowledge of the debilitating effects of stress and illness.

Her courses, workshops, retreats, and online activities are offered in Spanish, English, and German.

She serves clients one-on-one as well as in groups and supplements your sound relaxation work as needed as an Energy Diagnostic & Treatment Methods (EDxTM) Certified Practitioner according to Dr. Fred Gallo or MOA Okada Purifying Therapist.

She is the editor of various meditation CDs, e.g. Relaxed Mind by Christine Heckel and Wolfgang von Boyen, Living Gratitude – Gratitude is deep in the heartor Shinbumei True Civilization

Webseite: https://www.christine-heckel.com/de/

Janine Gabelmann

is an authorized Emily Hess® Sound Yoga teacher and seminar leader (worldwide), Kundalini yoga teacher according to Yogi Bhajan (3HO / KRI), Ayurveda cosmetics and wellness therapist, trained in Peter Hess® Sound Massage, and a freelance hair & make-up artist. She says:
“My aspiration is to perceive, to respect and to promote the uniqueness and the potential of every person.”

Janine Gabelmann: https://www.surrounded-by-bliss.com/