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Workshop: The Art of Living – The art of living your basic trust!

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Spread your wings like a butterfly and fly lightly, colorfully and full of joy and basic trust through your life? Wishes are something wonderful, some manifest themselves into a vision and even experience a realization in your life. Yes, it is a joy to live yourself, to feel the basic trust, to reconnect to the power deep inside you. Sometimes it is buried, but there. Be sure, it is there, your power, your lightness to live. It can be so much fun to leave the usual path for a short moment, to look at your life and to recognize the first ideas for the first steps of your desires to live. The Emily Hess® Basic Trust Settings, as presented in the workshop, can help you with this.

At the workshop on Sunday, Emily will present ‘The Art of Living’ with demonstrations on stage. You will get inspiration on how to use simple Basic Trust Settings for yourself and in your practice. Emily will demonstrate different settings for this purpose.


Emily Hess

Emily Hess

Emily Hess, a certified yoga instructor specializing in Ayur® Yoga, and holding a diploma in Integrated Business Management (US), is a trailblazer in the field of holistic well-being and sound education. Working closely with Peter Hess, she developed groundbreaking programs that have left a lasting impact on the world of well-being.

In collaboration with Peter Hess, Emily Hess introduced the innovative concept of “Peter Hess® Sound Pedagogy” in 2001. This pioneering approach integrates the transformative power of sound into educational practices, creating a harmonious learning environment for both body and mind. This collaboration also led to the creation of the training system “KliK® – Sonic Communication,” which deepens interpersonal connections through the medium of sound.

Furthermore, Emily Hess introduced her own unique method for holistic wellbeing with “Emily Hess® Sound Yoga.” This practice combines the ancient wisdom of yoga with the therapeutic benefits of sound vibrations to rejuvenate the mind and body and promote balance in life.In addition to her role as a skilled teacher, Emily Hess is a successful author.

Her expertise is reflected in various books and CDs that contribute to the dissemination of holistic knowledge and practices. She conducts seminars both domestically and internationally, sharing her knowledge with a global community united by the pursuit of well-being in all its facets. With her passion for holistic well-being, dedication to education, and innovative approach, Emily Hess continues to inspire people worldwide on a transformative journey of self-discovery and well-being.

Emily Hess: https://www.emilyhess.eu/