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Workshop: Sound transformation – taking life into your own hands (again)

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Place: Presence and Online

Sound transformation is a unique concept that allows you to experience the transformative power of singing bowls for your own life. Whether you want to realize certain wishes and visions or simply want to dive into a deeper contact with yourself. Just 5 minutes of sound a day are enough to actively shape your life and to achieve more mindfulness, creativity and resilience. In other words: to more happiness in life!

How this process can look like, Peter Hess tells on the basis of his own life story and typical experiences of his seminar participants. In this way, you will gain practical insights into this special concept and the many ways in which it can be used in individual and group work.

In the workshop you will take the first step on this path, which consists of seven stages. Sound meditations, sound exercises and sound spaces provide a safe and nurturing space for this. Structured as a 7-week program, you can unfold your potential step by step through daily sound practice and reflection in a sound diary.
In order to continue on this path together, Peter Hess offers 2 free follow-up appointments online via Zoom for participants of this workshop.


Peter Hess

Peter Hess

Peter Hess worked as an educator and as a Graduate Diplom Engineer (FH) for Physical Technology. Through years of research and practical experience, he developed the Peter Hess® Sound Massage in 1984, a holistic relaxation method, that can contribute to enhancing health and joy in life. Today, the Peter Hess® sound methods are used in countless fields: from wellness, relaxation, pedagogy, coaching, counseling and therapy to complementary applications in the field of health.

He is the director of the Peter Hess® Institute, to which the Peter Hess® Academies in more than 26 countries around the world are affiliated. He is the 1st chairman of the European Association for Sound Massage Therapy, a highly popular seminar conductor and speaker both domestically and internationally, and has authored or edited various books and DVDs.

Peter Hess: https://www.peter-hess-institut.de/

Ulrich Krause

Ulrich Krause is a senior lecturer in German Studies and Philosophy. For many years he worked as a high school teacher and in the publishing industry. He is an authorized instructor of Peter Hess® Sound Massage and Sound Methods as well as a member of the scientific board at the Peter Hess® Institute.

At the Peter Hess Institute, he has been involved for many years in press and public relations, research and in the development for the certification program in collaboration with the Health Campus of the University of St. Elisabeth. Ulrich Krause is a board member of the International Association for Sound Massage Therapy.

Ulrich Krause: