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The academicization of sound therapy in the therapeutic sciences

In this short lecture you will find out all the information about the possibility of academizing sound therapy in the therapeutic sciences. Since 2023, occupational, logo and physiotherapists have been able to attend distance learning courses at the SRH – Mobile University and research sound therapy at the same time. This unique cooperation between the Peter Hess® Institute and the SRH enables a milestone in sound therapy!
You will find out what requirements are necessary for this, how long the course of study takes and what future prospects open up for you.
I’m really looking forward to seeing you!



Dr. rer. medic. Tanja Neufeld

Dr. rer. medic. Tanja Neufeld is a naturopath, physiotherapist and course director for the bachelor’s degree in therapeutic sciences – physiotherapy/occupational therapy/speech therapy (SRH), mother of two children and expert in holistic therapy concepts.