Oliver Hess

is the founder of the corresponding ollihess brand and has a passion for various types of sound instruments.

After his vocational training as a craftsman and many years of professional experience, Olli Hess completed his training in Peter Hess Sound Massage in 2002. Between 2004 and 2008 he passed this knowledge on as a trainer for Peter Hess Sound Massage.

In 2008 Olli Hess started developing the first gongs of his own brand, and gradually an ever-increasing range of different gong mallets, the various applications and colours of which are attracting fans worldwide!

High quality is very important to him for all ollihess products. They are 100% produced in Germany under fair conditions and under the strictest quality requirements. All gongs are handcrafted by the gong manufacturer Broder Oetken in close cooperation with Olli Hess.

Apart from quality assurance, the brand founder also constantly pursues the further development of his products. New products from the creative mind of Olli Hess are consistently turned into reality. In addition, he offers individual training, workshops and sound evenings in his sound space in Uenzen. He maintains his creative balance with his second hobby, photography.

Jana Hess

Jana Hess

is a graduate designer and has been in charge of sales at “Hess Klangkonzepte” (“Hess Sound Concepts”) for singing bowls, sound material and accessories for over 10 years. Authorized instructor for Peter Hess® sound massage since 2012.

Jana Hess: https://www.hess-klangkonzepte.de/

Claudia Keskinen

is a certified masseuse and certified beautician. She worked in her own practice for many years. She heads the Peter Hess® Centre in Schweringen and has been an authorized instructor in the Peter Hess® Sound Methods since 2018. She also offers the “Cosmetics & Sound” workshop.

Bärbel Kirst

Bärbel Kirst is a music therapist in a psychosomatic clinic since 2010, where she applies the Peter Hess® Sound Massage on a daily basis. Building on the experiences of standard music therapy with instruments, it was proven that singing bowls offer an even more intense opportunity to completely let go, to tolerate new things, and to come into contact with one’s innermost being, thereby sensing one’s own needs and experiencing self-efficacy. Together with elements from hypnosis and enriched with down-to-earth cheerfulness from her earlier work as a sports and dance teacher, as well as LifeKinetics trainer, a lot of relief can be experienced, especially for psychosomatic illnesses. The singing bowls always appear to be healing and moving one forward.


Dr. phil. Christina Koller

Dr. phil. iDr. phil. Christina Koller is a qualified social worker and did her doctorate from 2000-2007 on the curriculum development of Peter Hess® Sound Education and its practice. For more than 20 years she has worked closely with Peter Hess, and at the PHI in the departments of press and public relations, as well as research and development. In addition she is a board member of the European Association for Sound Massage Therapy.

Ulrich Krause

Ulrich Krause is a senior lecturer in German Studies and Philosophy. For many years he worked as a high school teacher and in the publishing industry. He is an authorized instructor of Peter Hess® Sound Massage and Sound Methods as well as a member of the scientific board at the Peter Hess® Institute.

At the Peter Hess Institute, he has been involved for many years in press and public relations, research and in the development for the certification program in collaboration with the Health Campus of the University of St. Elisabeth. Ulrich Krause is a board member of the International Association for Sound Massage Therapy.

Ulrich Krause:

Dr. phil. Rosa Matzenberger

Dr. phil. Rosa Matzenberger is a psychotherapist, a systemic family therapist, hypnotherapist according to M. E. Erickson, Ego-state therapist, clinical and health psychologist, as well as infant, child and adolescent psychotherapist and psychologist. In addition, she is a supervisor in the clinical field, and in the independent practice, seminar and teaching sector.

Also, Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioner and lecturer at the PHI since 2001.


Dorothée Remmler-Bellen

After studying mathematics, computer science and business administration, she worked as a teacher and headmaster. She has been offering seminars and workshops in the psychosocial field across Germany since 2010 at her “Zentrum für Prävention und Psychosoziale Weiterbildung” (“Centre for Prevention and Psychosocial Further Education”).

The focus is on further training to strengthen health and life skills based on salutogenesis.

She has been a board member of the “Berufsverband der Präventologen e.V.” (“Professional Association of Preventologists”) since 2012, and a board member of the “Dachverband Freie Gesundheitsberufe FG“ (“Umbrella Association of Independent Health Professions”) since 2013.

She is a lecturer at several state-recognized universities, where she teaches Salutogenesis, health literacy, health promotion and prevention.

In addition, she advises day-care centres and schools on various aspects of health.

Under the title: “SoS-Schule ohne Stress®” (“SoS School without Stress”) she has published a parenting guidebook.

In her private life, she volunteers as an emergency pastoress.


Dorothee Remmler-Bellen: https://www.praeventologe.de/

Angelika Rieckmann

Angelika Rieckmann is an occupational therapist since 1988, with professional experience in the fields of neurology, orthopaedics, rheumatology in rehabilitation centres in Switzerland and Germany, paediatrics / early intervention, and working with the disabled. She is a Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioner, Sound Therapist and authorised Sound Massage Trainer since 2003. Seminar leader in Germany and abroad, especially for medical-therapeutic professions, since 2005. Since 2008 she is full-time self-employed in her own private practice and “School for mindfulness” with a sound and seminar room in Bad Driburg. Since 2012 she develops and manages the PHI further training seminars “Sound in Neurology and Psychosomatics I + II + III”.


Kim Kassandra Schmid

Kim Kassandra Schmid has been teaching Pilates and group fitness classes for over 17 years. She is a passionate yoga teacher and sees herself as a lifelong student. She is a certified Pilates coach, nutritionist, experienced yoga teacher and seminar leader for Emily Hess® Sound Yoga. She works as a personal trainer, is a mentor and leads yoga seminars, yoga classes and workshops. Kim studied history and art history. Besides being a self-employed yoga teacher, she works as a lecturer and project coordinator in adult education. In her yoga classes, Kim combines well-founded historical and spiritual knowledge. Joy is always at the centre of her work. With the Yogimobil® Teacher Training, she also offers a Yoga Alliance-certified yoga teacher training based on her own concept in the seminar house of the Peter Hess® Institute in Schweringen.

Kim Kassandra Schmid: https://www.yogimobil.de/