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"Miracle" sound massage - The beneficial and healing effect of sounds.

Since Peter Hess developed sound massage 40 years ago, millions of people around the world have experienced its beneficial effects for themselves. Sometimes true “miracles” happen. For example, when a stroke patient can suddenly move his hand again, which was severely restricted, or when a rheumatism patient experiences a time without pain for the first time in a long time. Or when a couple with an unfulfilled desire to have a child is finally expecting one after all. Sounds can have amazing effects on so many levels. On an inner level, they can become key experiences on the path of personal development or recovery. For example, when people with chronic sleep disorders find healthy sleep again, when a depressed person suddenly feels hope again. The list can be continued endlessly. And even at the end of life, there are always deeply touching reports of how the sounds help to ease the great letting go.

Even if such “miracles” are of course not the rule, there are important indications of the beneficial and healing effects of the sounds and their many possible applications. Peter Hess and his guests from various professional fields will provide exciting and informative insights into this.


Peter Hess

Peter Hess

Peter Hess worked as an educator and as a Graduate Diplom Engineer (FH) for Physical Technology. Through years of research and practical experience, he developed the Peter Hess® Sound Massage in 1984, a holistic relaxation method, that can contribute to enhancing health and joy in life. Today, the Peter Hess® sound methods are used in countless fields: from wellness, relaxation, pedagogy, coaching, counseling and therapy to complementary applications in the field of health.

He is the director of the Peter Hess® Institute, to which the Peter Hess® Academies in more than 26 countries around the world are affiliated. He is the 1st chairman of the European Association for Sound Massage Therapy, a highly popular seminar conductor and speaker both domestically and internationally, and has authored or edited various books and DVDs.

Peter Hess: https://www.peter-hess-institut.de/